Umba - Update – 2nd October 2017

Hearing dogs – the next generation

Umba was born on 18 March 2017 – and she is 7 months already. Can you believe it?! She’s a Working x Show Cocker Spaniel. Spaniels make great hearing dogs because they’re very friendly and outgoing characters.

As Umba grows, Diana is seeing her real character shine through and her affection towards big brother, Costa, an ex-guide dog who Diana adopted. "Umba is doing well, she's very sweet and cuddly and loves playing with Costa. Despite his size, she is not in the least scared of him and he is very gentle with her. It's lovely to see them playing together."


(Umba, 3.5 months old)    Aww, how adorable.


Off to school

Every week, Diana and Umba attend training classes together, where our Puppy Training Instructor, Lisa, helps them with basic training.

We use Puppy Star awards to assess how a pup’s coming along, and we’re happy to report she’s passed her Puppy One Star! This tells us she’s happy to play with people and other pups, and responds to her name, as well as commands such as ‘wait’.

"Umba is getting on well in her training. She has passed her one star and is working for her two star. She is experiencing lots of new things like shops, cafes, buses, traffic and takes it all in her stride as she is quite a confident puppy." Says Diana


(Umba, 2.5 months old)


Next for Umba

Umba’s next big step is about practising self-control around other dogs. Lisa explains: "It is normal for a puppy her age to be excitable, so we’re helping her learn how to be calm and relaxed with other dogs nearby."

(Umba loves swimming but not so happy being wet afterwards).

(Umba – 4 months with top know sprouting)

It really couldn’t be any better for Umba. She’s doing so well, and is so happy with life in general. This would not have been possible without your help, so from everyone at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – thank you to everyone at Blackhall St Columba’s Church.




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