Community Bible Experience

A new spiritual revolution has begun…

Over 3,500 people throughout Scotland have begun something that is transforming their experience of Bible and community.

What is behind the revolution?

Community Bible Experience revolves around a new format of NIV Bible, stripped of verses and chapter numbers. It reads as a flowing narrative, much as it was intended to be read. Meeting weekly, groups feel more like a book group than a Bible study, with conversation, discovery and learning all springing from the flow of the text.

Many Christians struggle to read the whole of the Bible, their reading being disjointed and split into fragments. CBE allows the reader to become immersed in the greater story, grasping the big picture and context while enjoying the events of history unfold. Reading in community the Word becomes relational and applicable to our everyday lives, enhancing understanding and transformation.

Why it works 

  • It encourages daily Bible reading.
  • It gives a sense of the “Big Picture” of the Bible as folk read large amounts of the scripture each day.
  • It enables the Bible to be read in context, with introductions at the beginning of each book enabling people to understand who each book was written to and why.
  • It builds community around the Word of God through getting people together to discuss what God is saying through His Word.

CBE is supported with some amazing digital resources: 

  • eBooks – An electronic version of the CBE book readable on ‘phones, laptops, and eReaders
  • Audio – An MP3 version of the CBE book for ‘phones, tablets, laptops and newer CD players.
  • Daily emails – features a short video introducing the reading for the day with links to eBook and audio for the day.
  • Family/Kids version – An abridged version of CBE featuring an audio version and a transcript to read along as a family.

Get involved

  • Sign-up online
  • Biblica will send you a welcome pack and all the resources you need. Copies of each volume of Community Bible Experience can be purchased at the subsidised cost of £5. One copy should be made available for everyone taking part.

We at Blackhall St. Columba’s, we hope to start this way of reading the Bible together through ‘Home-groups’ which will include one home-group at the Manse, and another at the home of the Rev Mary Morrison. It will take place in the Autumn. Timings to be confirmed to accommodate individual’s availability. The hope is to have other homes available, and make this experience a meaningful way of learning the Bible together, times of fellowship and supportive and personal prayer.

If you are interested, please let Benjamin or Julie, (Church Secretary) know. Copies of each book is £5. We will need to order them in advance.

Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC008756