It was unanimously agreed at a public meeting in the church hall on 13 May 1919 that a memorial should be erected on grounds to the East of the church as soon as money became available. In 1922 Blackhall became recognised as a parish church in its own right, no longer with oversight from Cramond, and in 1926 the Declaration of Trust was signed handing responsibility for the ownership and cleaning of “the stone” to the minister and Kirk Session of Blackhall Parish Church. 

A War Memorial account was opened in October 1927 with a sum of £78. At that time the "old " hall was small and stood behind the church building, so when the War Memorial was placed facing out to the street, it was further back in the grounds than nowadays.

When the "new" hall was built, permission was given in 1955 for the War Memorial to be moved closer to Queensferry Road where it is today. It records the names of fifty men from the Blackhall community who died in the Great War and takes the form of a Celtic cross rising above the base.

After the Second World War there was much discussion about how best to mark the most recent sacrifices and it was November 1959 before the comprehensive inscription "and all those who perished in the Second World War" was added and dedicated. Recent research has uncovered the names of approximately thirty men who died and the Kirk Session is considering how best to commemorate them individually. 

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