Blackhall St Columba’s Church is a welcoming, friendly and vibrant church. To do everything we do, we rely entirely on the money we generate ourselves. We get no assistance from the wider Church. 

What Should I Give?

Although the church is reluctant to lay down hard and fast rules about giving, all of us can do with some advice in this area, otherwise some people feel guilty that they don't give enough while others simply reach for loose change whenever they hear the word 'collection'.

So how much should we give? The Bible suggests that we should set aside a tenth of our earnings for the church and charities. Giving can transform the world - our lives as well as the lives of others, our community and beyond. 

The Church of Scotland suggest that church members give at least five per cent of net income to their local church and five per cent to other charities they wish to support but it is entirely up to you.


Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC008756